The History of TodayPlus
TodayPlus started as a simple Today screen Weather plug-in for the Pocket PC. TodayPlus was developed and written by SRS apparently while on summer break from college. SRS released TodayPlus as a Beta project by asking for testers on Brighthand near the end of July 2003 (See this old thread for TodayPlus's beginning). TodayPlus quickly expanded to a whole screen plug-in by adding system information, calendar & task information (also called POOM), RSS feed reader and more.

The old Brighthand thread became more of burden than a tool to further TodayPlus's development. Brighthand's member Eitel agreed to host a TodayPlus forum. With the new forum, TodayPlus grew in popularity and its stability.

SRS, later citing family problems, stopped development of further updates in early January 2004. All working versions of TodayPlus stopped working on February 29, 2004. Although several ways were discovered to keep TodayPlus running regardless of the built in expiration date.

Eitel continued to host the TodayPlus forum until the end of July 2004, ironically approximately one year after TodayPlus's initial Beta release on Brighthand.

The TodayPlus forum has now found a new home.

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Made: August 17, 2004
Edited: July 1, 2008
by: jhollin1138